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Yuan Developers Coin

Blockchain Technology For Real Estate

The YDS is the ERC-20 token issued by the Hong kong Yuan Developer group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Yuan Developer). It is based on the Internet + real estate research and development of a virtual currency, for anyone in the world to provide real-time, nearly zero of the cost of payment. YDS will circulate in the real estate industry at home and abroad. And Yuan Developer will cooperate with developers in Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia to use YDS to buy properties in the Yuan Developer to enjoy a real estate price discount, which is cheaper than directly buying 20%~30% directly through real estate developers, this really benefits buyers. We will also purchase land, build resorts, hotels, corporate buildings, and 6-star tourist and medical residences in various places, and place contracted businesses in all the facilities of the Yuan Developer to form a new type of business circle.

Yuan Developers is a point-to-point Internet currency that provides?immediate, nearly 0 cost payments to any person in the world. The company takes the sales as the core and makes full use of the?industry's superior resources to create the best and most complete??new service mode in the real estate industry. Blockchain technology?based on different sources, different levels, different structures and?different contents of resource selection, absorption, activation and?organic integration, so that it has good flexibility, organization, system?and value, and to reconstruct the original resource system, discard?worthless resources, form the core of resource system new. It?effectively improves the ability of the enterprise and strengthens the?competitive advantage of the enterprise. It will eventually allow thousands of?people to stay in our buildings, more than hundreds of thousands of?people to use our platform. We'll build a real estate alliance to form a closed loop with rent value,?through the standardized management of the listing database to?ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the availability, through?the online collection, offline real exploration and housing rental?information real-time tracking and other aspects of the audit, the full?disclosure of real-time information and price of each listing.?


Token YDS
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