Play eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain

Yamzu is determined to become a leading eSports tournament provider and host, one both affiliated with P2P (Peer to Peer) gaming as well as with significant regional and global tournaments. The fact that Yamzu already supports an active platform gives strength to our projections. In the future, we will work with game developers by forming symbiotic relationships surrounding the creation of new games. In doing so, both Yamzu and value creators (e.g. developers) will collaborate to encourage more gamers to participate at the intersection of paid gaming and cryptocurrency.


Token YMZ
Price in preICO 1 YMZ = 0.1 EUR
Price in ICO 1 YMZ = 0.1 EUR
Country Sweden
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas USA, Canada, China, Israel, South Korea, Vietnam
preICO start 25/07/2018
preICO end 30/09/2018
ICO start 01/10/2018
ICO end 01/10/2018
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