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The ways of voting in current society include: voting by a show of hands, paper ballot, electronic voting, network voting, etc., which have problems of not open, transparent to the public, ballot fraud or changing or randomly changing voting results. Taking the current disadvantages of voting technology into account, we will build up an open application called voting chain for voting and voting BlockChain, based on the technological features of BlockChain. We hope the optimized voting technology can make voting more open and transparent, reduce artificial manipulation and ensure that voters can verify their own voting results.

Election, in a narrow sense, refers to activities in which social members select or elect, depending on their own wills, representatives or principals in accordance with certain voting procedures and methods; in a broad sense, refers to voting by social members depending on their own wills, to elect principals and determine the directions of democratic affairs and democratic decisions based on the principle that minority is subordinate to the majority, which can be understood as a voting process. Application scenarios of election and voting include: U.S. governor and presidential election, NPC member election of the P. R. C., voting and decision making by shareholders of listed companies, intra-company election of excellent employees and lottery voting. Democratic decision-making and public opinion poll can be seen as extension of voting, while the election object is a decision or an answer other than a candidate. Likewise, lotteries are in fact combinations of numbers cast within certain scope of digits. At present, voting methods include: voting by raising hands, paper ballots, electronic voting and network voting, in which there are problems such as low openness degree, low transparency, ballot fraud and manipulation of election results. The main purpose of ElectionChain is to solve the problems related to openness and transparency of democratic election, democratic decision-making, public opinion poll and lottery vote by adopting technical means, to avoid man-made interference to election results, to ensure the fairness of results of election and voting, and Make the election more credible.


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