A p2p Code Auditing Platform

VEON is an innovative platform that aims to introduce crypto economic incentives to both publishers and auditors of code across the software application industry.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, VEON is a project that aims to connect individuals who want to ensure the integrity of their software with those who will inspect it. Utilizing a multi-sig escrow contract, developers and auditors will be able to easily and openly critique source code progress. Contracts are fulfilled based on the satisfaction of the developer as well as the reviewer, to effectively finalize an audit. If a disagreement occurs during any step in the auditing process, members of a jury pool will opt-in to moderate disputes. With the incentive of a moderation fee, jurors can absolve the issue with a majority vote. The VEON DAO will distribute all profits made on the VEON platform to its members who hold VEON tokens.


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