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Trade Pharma Network

The New Pharma-Centric Marketplace

?Trade Pharma Network is a EU-licensed brokerage platform and an international pharma-centric marketplace of choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform uses powerful AI algorithms to enable efficient search & digital matchmaking between our key stakeholders but also Blockchain as we envision a future where every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing our users to trace and verify its origins, attributes and ownership to fight efficiently against counterfeit medicines, in Europe & Worldwide. ?We are also providing a full suite of services that facilitate information exchange, communication and transactions between pharma and healthcare institutions.

Trade Pharma Network?is a EU-licensed?brokerage?platform and an?international pharma-centric marketplaceof choice for?buyers?&?sellers?performing routine transactions of?medicines. Our?Artificial Intelligence (AI)?driven platform uses powerful AI algorithms to enable?efficient search & digital?matchmaking?between our key stakeholders?but also?Blockchain?as we envision a future where every physical medicine has a?digital history, allowing our users to trace and verify its?origins,?attributes?and?ownership?to fight efficiently against?counterfeit medicines,?in Europe & Worldwide.?Thus, our business model rely?on the 3 following major principles:1/ SMART?Our underlying technology?is built on private, public and hybrid Blockchain networks that?bring transparency?into this?multi-billion industry. Indeed, Trade Pharma Network through its cutting-edge?decentralized applications that?enable our?users to disrupt?the trust?industry with the aim of changing the world for the better through a distributed ledger technology without being?constrained by limited input from outside our network.2/?INTELLIGENTOur?platform uses AI-driven technology that consist in powerful algorithms requiring?state-of-the-art Machine?Learning technique?as well as quality datasets compared to the more traditional Machine Learning algorithms of today. This AI technology enables programmatic?targeting and digital matchmaking between the supply & the demand, with a personal touch.3/ NETWORKOur main?service?is?dedicated to the pharmaceutical trade and the platform is?linking together, importers & expoorters distributors, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, non-profits and our corporate partners in Europe and worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made?in a simple and efficient?way.


Token TXP
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 TXP = 0.07 USD
Country Belgium
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, Canada, North Korea, Iran, China
preICO start 11/11/2018
preICO end 25/11/2018
ICO start 26/11/2018
ICO end 31/12/2018
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