DAO Governance Framework

SuperDAO is an Efficient, tiered & reputation based, Ethereum decentralized governance system for incentivized global collaborative management of disruptive, economical viable dapp ventures. SuperDAO enables collaboration of innovators and communities into strong thriving forces. Superdao governance embodies an idea called the "onion model"; a multi-tiered/layered abstraction set that enables interaction and a system of checks and balances from one layer to another. At the core of this model is the constitutionalDNA which allows for a definition of mission, vision and contractual values of SuperDAO. These definitions can be referenced within the DAO during an organizational proceeding to enforce rules and deter harmful behavior not conducive to the purpose of the DAO. A multi-heuristic voting process usually follows to finalize such proceedings.


Token SUP
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 SUP = 0.0465617596 ETH
Country Nigeria
Restricted areas
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