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Decentralized Smart Contract Security

The future will be built on smart contracts. Smart contracts are only as secure as the code they are written in. As they are immutable after release, they need reliable security due diligence to earn companies and users trust and value.With 200+ code experts and 400k ETH of market cap. secured, Solidified is the market leader in smart contract security already. We know the market and its bugs. It's still fully centralized which allows for fraud and hacks and bad or lazy work hardly has consequences for the auditor. We can fix this. Introducing the first decentralized audit system & Bug Prediction Market!Actors can stake on whether a vulnerability will be discovered in a smart contract by a certain date. The basis for such a market is a smart contract that has been audited and secured by an individual or a group of auditors using the Solidified platform. These actors are held accountable for securing the code by having staked income and reputation in the form of the Solid Token.

Solidified has the largest (200+) community of Solidity experts?and incorporates all stages of technical due diligence into a?single platform so you can bulletproof your smart contract.? Solidified started in early 2017 and quickly established itself as the market leader in high-quality smart contract audits. Several renowned blockchain?companies, such as Gnosis, Polymath, Bankera and many more rely on Solidified's competence.


Token Solid
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 Solid = 0.015 ETH
Country Gibraltar
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China, Korea
preICO start
preICO end
ICO start 23/07/2018
ICO end 23/07/2018
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