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The future of financial services

The present financial system is supported by large-scale financial institutions that provide financial services. This means banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, housing finance companies, money transfer companies etc. which are archaic and have low penetration. QTC is a first global alternative asset with immediate liquidity and currency functionality. Extreme speed, reliability, and efficiency at a low cost with optional anonymous transfers.

QTC could potentially bring people out of poverty, as it will give them access to financial and banking tools. These tools provide them with immediate liquidity and currency functionality better than the traditional banking system. We will bring these services to the unbanked regions which will allow the people there to invest, buy, pay and sell items and services, while we also improve the economy of the particular regions. The whole system is developed based on a clear and understandable platform, functioning on smartphones as an app, but also on PC and tablets. Our QTC app will provide clear instructions and will be easy to use, providing comfortable usage to our customers.


Token QTCt
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 QTC = 1.2 USD
Country UK
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas South Korea
preICO start 11/12/2017
preICO end 28/02/2018
ICO start 01/07/2018
ICO end 01/07/2018
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