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Quantum computing (QC) is an emerging technology with a large transformative potential.It is coming faster than you think. It will change your industry, the way you process your data. Qilimanjaro is the ecosystem for QC. We are here for you to benefit from the capabilities of this quantum technology and guide you through this new, potential paradigm.Every day, an increasing number of research centers, large corporations, and SMEs grow interested in quantum computation, and how this technology could improve and accelerate their problem-solving and data processing.We foresee an exponential adoption in the retail/corporate world to provide fast and scalable solutions to today's heavy/intractable problems.At present, QC is available through prototypes with little functionality. Unfortunately, even at such an early stage, this cutting-edge technology is only within the reach of large corporations who are able to meet the expensive fees. Qilimanjaro aims to be part of the solution.

The?Qilimanjaro?Ecosystem. Explore the power of quantum computing in an easy and practical way. 1. Qilimanjaro quantum computer provides access through a cloud service. 2. Qilimanjaro Consulting Services helps users moving their problems to quantum logic. 3. OpenQL is an open source language able to work on any online quantum platform. 4. The Qilimanjaro community promotes collaboration and development of quantum algorithms. Qilimanjaro?Computing Service (QCS). The Quantum Computer. ? Accessible to everyone, with a user-friendly cloud platform. ? Built in stages to achieve a computing power of tens of qubits and prepare the ground for hundreds of qubits. None Qilimanjaro?Software Services (QSS). Consulting Services. ? Our team of quantum technology consists of experts that support individuals and companies to offer them consulting services. ? Assistance to users willing to adapt their problems to quantum algorithms that run on quantum machines. ? Optimization of quantum algorithms to any existing quantum hardware. ? Running and analyzing experiments on our quantum computer.? OpenQL. A Universal Quantum Open Source Language. ? OpenQL is able to work over any quantum programming environment. ? A key tool to boost progress of quantum technologies. ? Designed to reach a big community of programmers and enthusiasts interested in quantum programming.? Qilimanjaro?Platform. An Open Quantum Community. ? Creating an ecosystem for decentralized quantum computation. ? The meeting point between scientific community and developers, a place to research and explore new and existing quantum algorithms. ? Review process by the Qilimanjaro team. ? Bounty program to outstanding contribution. ? Fund Your Dreams


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