Ponder – ALT SCOPE


A decentralized Referrals Platform

Ponder seeks to gamify the act of making a referral, to make it fun to do as opposed to being an obligation. Secondly the referral is initiated by the referrer as opposed to the referee, removing the need to ask and the associated awkwardness. And finally, there is a monetary incentive involved, to provide reward for making a successful referral.

Our first target is RomancePonder uses game mechanics and financial rewards to make matchmakers out of everyone.


Token PON
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 5000 PON?
Country USA
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas KYC based
preICO start 27/07/2018
preICO end 31/08/2018
ICO start 01/07/2018
ICO end 01/07/2018
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