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Open, Decentralized Compute Marketplace

Founded in 2015 by our San Francisco-based team, Photon is an open, decentralized marketplace and deployment platform for cloud compute.The Photon platform provides the following advantages to the three majorparties of the cloud ecosystem : Compute Providers,Cloud Infrastructure Customers,Application End Users.

Container-NativePhoton uses Linux containers as its first-class unit of infrastructure, providing engineers with a simple, proven and safe toolset for immutable infrastructure.ServerlessA serverless framework abstracts server administration and allows your applications to optimize regionally and scale globally.Fast and ReliableA distributed system ensures with your applications and databases replicated across data centers around the world.Isolated and safeMitigate the risk of distributed computing with isolated execution environments, TLS, and a provider certification program.Self HealingAuto-placement, auto-restart, and auto-replication using immutable application images for fault recovery.Composable APIPowerful and easy to use RPC and REST APIs.Cloud PeeringSecurely connect Photon to your existing infrastructure, whether onsite, colocated, or in any other cloud infrastructure provider.Global VPNSingle integrated global network backed by TLS based OpenVPN.


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