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Expanding the usage of cryptocurrencies

Paytailor is a mobile payment platform, which combines through public API Internet of Things, eCommerce and retail payments. Now we are adding crypto currency payment method to our system. It creates whole new value bringing together merchants, crypto currency owners and modern loyalty options. Paytailor is an existing company which valuation has raised 6 times over past 2 years.

Paytailor offers simple mobile payments on top of powerful platform. We create extra value for merchants and provide simple mobile wallet for users. We combine web payments, NFC, IoT, e-commerce, location and soon crypto currencies as well. Paytailor allows merchant to choose how they wish to accept payments and we have more data to offer extra value. Merchants can accept payments with our terminal app, in their Point of sale system or even make Internet of Things to accept payments. Through big data we help to create more engaging client relationships. We help creating new, more engaging and simple shopping experiences. We work hard, so that people could turn their mobiles into wallets and leave the physical wallets at home. Paytailor is safe, easy and fast way to receive payments. Mobile terminal can be used where you want and how you want. You can use it on festivals, outdoor and indoor venues. Paytailor is more than yet another software. Paytailor is a advanced solution, which is simplifying the payments and payouts. It is full service from registration to accepting payments. To get started is really easy. Just choose hou you need your payments to be received and we will do the rest


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Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 1,200 PTT
Country Estonia
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