Open the window to the real world with us!

Open the window to the real world with us!Our token allows you to turn crypto money into real purchases and discounts and allows you to create a new charity system. In addition to several sites for enthusiasts, you are locked in a virtual world and can not use your assets - even to buy a cup of coffee.Our token is a way to get goods and services for crypto currency in the real world, and also do a good deed.Most crypto-currencies are at high risk of volatility. Our token allows us to significantly reduce it:? The token is provided with real goods and services of an already operating loyalty system, in which there are already 10,000 retailers? Own server complex + timestamp technology reduces time costs.Business - Receives 1,5V potential customers and the status of social responsibility, which 70% of large brands wantCharity - Gets a new management system + full transparency and trust over 1.5V of donorsCrypto industry - Gets the way to turn crypto assets into real goods and discounts + 1.5V potential participants.Tokens can be changed to loyalty points. They allow you to purchase from its participants real goods and services at a discount.The entire block system will become the standard of charity management in the whole world: absolute transparency and reduction of costs for asset management. By investing in our project, you join one of the fastest growing industries in the world and really help develop it.


Token CHK
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 CHK = 0,1 USD
Country Russia
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas
preICO start 20/02/2018
preICO end 20/03/2018
ICO start 30/11/2018
ICO end 30/11/2018
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