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Blockchain-Based Payment System

The world's first global decentralized payment system totally independent of regulators and existing payment systems. Not a superstructure for existing payment systems, NEURON does not depend on those systems or their infrastructure: the rules are set solely by participants in the system.

Neuron is a decentralized 3rd generation blockchain system, pioneered Decentralized Payment system, Financial platform, Wallet, and Exchange. Our offices are located: HK, UK, Ireland, and USA. NEURON is Ready, it is not just an idea, as its functions and mechanisms are already implemented. 100,000 transactions per second: a new reality for blockchain-based payment systems None Prominent Banks and other institutions throughout Europe and Asia are already showing interest in our project and negotiations are ongoing within these organizations. In March we have emitted NEURON Coin (NER) and currently are in negotiations with stock exchanges to list (NER). Howtotoken: content marketing, investor outreach, and negotiation management for ICO startups.


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