Unique Tokenized Nanofibers

Perhaps the only ICO project backed by real product and proven bussines model. Unique patented nanomaterial already selling all over the world need to expand production.

?NAFEN?? is a project combining advanced technologies in the field of industrial production of a unique crystalline material, which is alumina nanofibers (Al2O3 ) branded as NAFEN?. The high quality and outstanding characteristics of NAFEN? create vast opportunities for its use in the improvement of mechanical and physicochemical properties of various materials used in such industries as: The production process is unique in terms of high-performance, scalable technology, and will allow for significant reductions in the final cost of the nanofibers and, consequently, will make it available and more attractive for widespread industrial use. We are offering to anyone interested in our project an opportunity to participate in the development and construction of a new industrial production facility.


Token NFN
Price in preICO 1 NFN = 0.1 EUR
Price in ICO 1 NFN = 0.1 EUR
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
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