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First Decentralized Exchange

First decentralized exchange, built on multichain technology, beloning to community distributes 100% of profit to its users project.This Is cryptocurrency exchange, which aims to rethink the economy of sharing, combining the power of the MultiChain protocol and decentralization. It will allow the exchange of tokens issued on different blockchain platforms through one decentralized exchange supporting smart contracts of various blockchain platforms and interaction between them due to the MultiChain protocol.

MultiChainExchange (MCE) is a decentralized marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to trade in any cryptocurrency without intermediaries. MultiChainExchange provides a safe, fast and simple trading platform. With its help, users can freely exchange cryptocurrencies, avoiding unnecessary verification requirements and waiting times. The platform uses a system of decentralization using blockchain technology which allows to avoid the problems associated with the trust issues, which often arise in the field of exchange trading. MultiChainExchange is holding a crowdsale event of MCE Cryptoshares. Cryptoshares are digital assets that will be used later to facilitate the distribution of profits generated on the platform. And also, the profit that will be received by any new venture operating within the framework of the MultiChainExchange market. None The funds received from this crowdselling will be used to expand and rapidly develop the MultiChainExchange platform. The main problems of modern centralized exchanges are the general level of inefficiency, security problems, waiting time and unreasonable verification requirements. This creates a high market entry threshold for a huge number of potential users. Also, common problems are unethical practices of insider trading, outstripping transactions and the establishment of deceptive pricing. Demand for decentralized markets will always exist, until the above mentioned problems disappear. Decentralized markets provide the opportunity for direct interaction between sellers and buyers through smart contracts, which in its essence is the purest form of free-market trade. The future of the entire digital currency ecosystem depends on the development of a reliable and successful decentralized exchange, which supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies. The innovative model of distributed property, achieved thanks to MCE Cryptoshares, will fill the vacant place in the market, while at the same time returning the received income to its users. In addition, MultiChainExchange, by lowering the entry threshold, will act as a catalyst in the development of the crypto-currency market.


Token MCE
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 MCE = 0.0002 ETH
Country Germany
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas USA, Hong Kong
preICO start
preICO end
ICO start 20/08/2018
ICO end 20/08/2018
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