Share mobile data communications with the world

MOOVER is a protocol that allows all mobile users to share (sell or buy) excess mobile data, going beyond the boundaries of contracted communication carriers, and is a new sharing economy that gives value to excess resources that have been opaque up to this day. This is a project that is intended not only to share communication data, but also to help address the global problem of the digital divide, so that everyone around the world can access the internet equally and truly freely.

The MOOVER network implements a mobile data communication sharing function on a P2P network encrypted based on blockchain technology. This allows the system to autonomously run without being controlled centrally; creating a low-cost platform where third parties not acquainted (all participating users) can safely deal with each other while maintaining their anonymity. The system also has a proprietary AI engine, making possible various proposals suitable for the use conditions of the mobile data communication of each user. The addition of other functions that expand the use of mobile data communication is also planned.


Token MOVE
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 0.0100 USD
Country India
Restricted areas
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