New era of freelance

Find any contacts, freelancers all around the world. Open rating system. - a freelance Stock Exchange, a searching machine for contacts around the world, arbitrage of trades and an open rating system of contractors on Blockchain. Mondo ? in the Esperanto word for "world". We have an idea of Mondo in January 2017. Our team has been working in the field of freelancing for many years and we often encountered both with unscrupulous contractors and customers. Finally, we launched Telegram Bot named "RateMe" - rating platform for customers (we were inspired by idea come from popular tv-series "Black mirror"). None During the recovery after an economic crisis a lot of citizens are being offered with less gainful jobs without guarantee of stable placement. It's no secret that freelance is the modern solution of unemployment and the future of universal and effective work. However, nowadays not many platforms are trying to help contractors by minimizing the commission to withdraw funds from the exchange or, for instance, by automatic daily job search and, that's more important, by trust. None


Token MND
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 0.5000 USD
Country Hong Kong
Restricted areas
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