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Connecting The Whole World

LIONSEA is a whole new generation based on Ethereum Blockchain platform. In order to understand the revolutionary nature of LIONSEA, shall we first find out about the 3 key missions at which LIONSEA is aiming:1. Secure and instant currency exchange.2. Debit card to use your cryptocurrencies worldwide.3. Integrated multi-currency security in blockchain wallet.

There are three main elements on which LIONSEA is built: blockchain wallet, exchange?link and cryptographic direct payment card. These factors interact to one another in?order to simplify all activities and make them more convenient than any other?cryptocurrency conversion.? By liquidating and introducing many kinds of currency, we can certainly ensure that the?world of cryptocurrency will circle much more quickly thanks to the increase of property?liquidity. The second phase of LIONSEA is to switch into our own Blockchain platform on which?we will create our wallet with the integration of all other cryptographic codes such as?Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, etc., together with the direct liquidity to all?traditional currencies through debit card. With this product, LIONSEA sets out goal to become the bridge between traditional?payment infrastructure and the properties based on blockchain and currency.


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