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LACCOIN (LAC) is an Ethereum backed cryptocurrency that enables the banked, unbanked and underbanked individuals who are in Latin America and Caribbean region to send money, invest and send micro-loans to each other with their mobile wallet or web app. Combined with their LAC debit card and access to the LAC Index Fund individuals can spend their LAC tokens, invest or use their P2P loans that connect with their LAC wallets where every VISA or MasterCard is accepted.Our vision is to create a viable ecosystem for monetary transactions which will be a viable alternative to the existing banking system.

Laccoin is an Ethereum-backed cryptocurrency that uses a mobile wallet. Individual users will have the option of exchanging their cryptocurrencies and LAC tokens with one another through their mobile wallet or of spending their LAC tokens or other cryptocurrencies through their Laccoin prepaid debit card. The scope and range of Laccoin will make it the first cryptocurrency or token to bring Latin America and the Caribbean under a single monetary jurisdiction. Laccoin wallet will be available for download via IOS or the Android marketplace. With the use of the LAC card,? ndividuals and businesses will be able to operate in the new Latin American and Caribbean digital economy from their mobile device. However, the full benefits of Laccoin will only be apparent once a person can use the token in the same way that he uses other fiat currencies or fiat back debit cards for everyday payments. Our intention is not to go head-to-head with the traditional banking services but to ease the burdens of individuals and businesses that do not have easy access to traditional banking services in the LAC region. ICO- Club, Listing, Discounts


Token LAC
Price in preICO 1 LAC = 0.06 USD
Price in ICO 1 LAC = 0.06 USD
Country Canada
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China, South Korea, Singapore
preICO start 05/09/2018
preICO end 26/09/2018
ICO start 01/11/2018
ICO end 01/11/2018
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