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Interest Coin

We Share Interest with the World

Our advertisement earnings will be divided on the InterestCoins that are sold during the ICO period only.You can use the InterestCoin on our new social media, and as a payment currency.The InterestCoin can of course be traded on the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Ease of use We Share Interest is a blockchain-based social media platform where you can also pay with the Interest Coin. Everybody can use the platform and download our wallets for all devices and operating systems Reliability Our platform would be fully secure. We will only release our platform after several tests have proven that the platform is secure. Subscribe to our mail list to be update about our project. Wallet Interest Coin is a new design wallet that provides various features to increase engagement among users. And we improves security of the decentralized network, combined with a beautiful design. ICO Take the opportunity now to invest in the InterestCoin. The only cryptocurrency where you can earn money with just by owning it. Simple make a account and invest in the Interest Coin, and see how your money grows. Our Road Map


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