Integrative Wallet Token – ALT SCOPE

Integrative Wallet Token

Integrating crypto currencies at a global scale

Our application will provide facilities such as: 1 - Multiples coins & ERC-20 tokens at your fingertips within our portfolio. 2 - The creation of an alias for a wallet, that is, orally can not express the current portfolios because they are too many characters, for it the users who register in our application can generate an alias and change it whenever they wish. This way if another person wishes to send a payment he / she can carry out through the alias as if it were a current banking system. 3 - Future Blockchain solutions & Debit card. 4 - We aim mainly at the latam market but can be used in other countries.

WILL BE SIMPLE AND USEFULIntegrative Wallet will be an application to store all your cryptocurrencies and to make payments instantly to other wallets. In addition to having the option of a debit card.


Token IWT
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 0.2523 USD
Country Spain
Restricted areas
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ICO start
ICO end
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