The Cryptocurrency for Gamers on the Ethereum BLockchain

GTCoin is built for Gamers to buy game titles, hardware and in game content. Gamers are renowned as the worlds early adopters of all things tech and Crypto Currency is no exception. And best of all, Gamers can earn GTCoins by simply testing games when they register on With the Global game market to grow from $108.9 billion in 2017 to $128.5 billion in 2020 (VentureBeat) the demand for GTCoin is growing. Gamers often transact across borders and crypto currency is the most effective means of currency transaction without the ridiculous costs or delays of currency exchange.

Game Tester was founded in 2015. Its primary function is to provide a range of services for game companies?through the provision of seed populations and feedback for new games being introduced to the market. To achieve this, a substantial pool of Game Testers has been accumulated through advertising and word of mouth. Game Testers are provided with rewards for their contribution to survey data and gameplay, as wellas access to special offers from approved hardware and software providers. Game Tester will be scaled to more than 1 million testers, allowing the provision of specific demographic and geographically filtered test populations at scale.


Token GTC
Price in preICO 1 GTC = 1.1 USD
Price in ICO 1 GTC = 1.1 USD
Country Australia
Restricted areas
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ICO start
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