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Globatrix (PreICO)

Globatrix ? Decentralized Web

The new decentralized collaborative Web model that solves major problems of today's Internet, bring the new approach to the online advertisement and makes the competition and monopoly least possible. Power by the new generation greener flexible blockchain based on AI and Big Data analysis patterns, decentralizes the search, social networks and integrates full VR technology support.

The invasion of our personal space online with endless advertisements, tracking cookies, adware, spyware and security threats, information control and manipulation are all the flaws of the existing outdated model and mechanisms of artificial online competition created by third parties monopoly for their own profit, making marketers and webmasters constantly invest to keep their online presence. Online marketing and media are huge multi-billion businesses, but their approach results in serious Internet congestion, and discomfort for most users. We offer the new decentralized collaborative model based on its own crypto economy. Globatrix.? With advanced security and information freedom, the ecosystem that will change the ways we know and use the Web, decentralize the search, social networks, integrate transparent electronic voting and make advertisement intelligent and free.


Token GLOB
Price in preICO 15000 GLOB = 1 ETH
Price in ICO 15000 GLOB = 1 ETH
Country Cyprus
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas
preICO start 20/07/2018
preICO end 14/10/2018
ICO start
ICO end
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