Fry Egg

Health, Wellness, and Fitness Platform

Provider of tools for coaches and clients to communicate effectively and securely. Company offers proprietary video chat, encrypted messaging, file sharing, notification, calendar and fitness device syncing technology.

Health and wellness services remain siloed. To get personalized health recommendations and a customized fitness plan to achieve desired goals, you have to ask friends for recommendations, run unfiltered searches on a browser, or hire a trainer through a gym-all of which take considerable time and energy, at high cost, without any guarantee that the trainer you hire will match your standards and deliver measurable results. Fry Egg understands the complexities and challenges that exist on the journey to creating your best self. The Fry Egg platform delivers health and fitness programs to individuals at all levels and offers the necessary guidance needed to help accomplish your goals, giving you the tools to control both your mind and body. Now, more than ever, you need a supportive community and time-saving tools to cut through the noise and distractions of daily life to achieve these goals. We felt this pain personally, and that's why our global community is coming together to share our knowledge, support, and provide everyone access to a wellness advisor and fitness coach to pave a path of success. The Fry Egg platform recruits and collects high-quality personal trainers, dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches around the world and gives them the means to design their own health programs. These programs are packaged and sold on Fry Egg's proprietary marketplace to clients worldwide, creating a one-stop shop for clients seeking customized fitness training and taking the marketing legwork away from trainers and coaches so they can focus on delivering the best fitness programs. Our mission is to pair all Fry Egg clients with experienced coaches that will mentor them through each step until each goal is completed. Fry Egg coaches can tackle any health and wellness goal, whether it is a customized program to manage a chronic disease, a temporary physical limitation, or simply looking to blast fat and earn a cut body, Fry Egg has the perfect coach and personalized program for every individual.


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