Linking ethereum with the world

Flexible market connector in Ethereum, it aims to exponentially increase the integration of Ethereum platform into emerging businesses and markets.

We are a firm dedicated to promote, offer and integrate Ethereum platform to any individual or corporation wanting to make a whole improvement of their business structure to join the new generation era taking advantage of this technology and surpass their competitors. Be part of our constant growing portfolio of backed assets and companies taking the next step and joining with last technology in autonomous management and money storage using a distributed ledger technology. tokenizes silver on Ethereum, we provide immutability, transparency and decentralization via our LNK and LNKS Tokens, trade physical silver without a middleman. MARKET CONNECTOR Besides Silver Asset, we are always looking for interested individuals or companies to link their assets into our portfolio. DECENTRALIZED APPLICATIONS Get a complete portfolio of latest DAPPs available in market, use or improve them. None We are constantly researching new solutions inside the blockchain space. Swiss Blockchain Engineering, Software Development & Consulting.


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