The Future of Digital Collectibles

Billions of gamers are part of the virtual goods economy, a market that is worth $15B+ annually1 . Games such as Candy Crush Saga are a proven pipeline for the distribution of digital goods at a rate of more than $2M USD every day2 . As the online gaming and social media spaces continue to grow rapidly, there is an untapped opportunity for digital platforms such as video games, social networks, and messaging services to enhance their product offerings by collaborating with brands to produce branded virtual goods. The problem with creating a thriving, branded virtual goods marketplace is fragmentation. Today, digital platforms operate as closed-off ecosystems and brands are fragmented operating in silos with little accessibility.. Additionally, when considering licensing agreements, each brand juggles considerably different brand objectives such as geographical location, demographics, licensing fees, marketing power, and attractiveness. BLMP is solving this complex business problem by creating a vast collaboration network of global brands and digital platforms to facilitate the licensing process. BLMP is uniquely positioned for growth because of relationships with established licensing companies such as Evolution and BDLabs with a combined total of over 1,000+ clients, partners, properties, and brands. The premier agency for ICO marketing


Token EPIK
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 2,600 EPIC
Country Singapore
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, CA, CN, KU, PRK, IR, CU, SY, UA, SG, MY, NZ
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