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Eastads Credits

Blockchain Solution to Ecommerce in Africa

Eastads Nigeria is a hybrid marketplace powered by local and crypto currencies. By hybrid we mean that Eastads has both an online store with ordering system and a well-built p2p marketplace. None We intend to launch or buy our own delivery services in Q1 2019 and will be powered by local currency payment and Eastads CREDITS payments. For every buyer that successfully buys items form merchants on Eastads, we will send rewards tokens in any of the crypto available on our marketplace.


Token ECR
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 ECR = 0.01 USD
Country Nigeria
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas USA
preICO start
preICO end
ICO start 07/09/2018
ICO end 07/09/2018
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