Re-defining the Sports Industry

With our core company Sicada we have built DYNOSTICS?, one of the most advanced sports and metabolism analytic devices for sportspeople and athletes. By doing this, we realized the responsibility of handling the sensible data our device produces. To solve this responsibly, we created DYNO and re-define the sports industry by building the first blockchain based open source marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data. Therewith we are giving back the power of the data to the users that produce it while creating a unique marketplace giving access to this data to interested parties. All in favor of the user.

DYNOSTICS? has developed the first mobile, smart and afordable system for performance and metabolism analysis, which determines a user's current state of fitness in just a few minutes based on his breathing gases. The measurements data is then sent to the DYNOSTICS? App and interpreted by the DYNOSTICS? algorithm in real time. The result shows the user his individual information in which pulse ranges he burns fat, increases performance or from which point the body over acidified. In addition the App tells the user how his body is able to process food and in combination with the performance level the App tells the user what to eat and how to train best in order to reach the individual goals like losing weight, building up physical fitness or doing health-conscious training. All this can be done without medically trained staf. This is a worldwide unique system with a pending patent on the sensor. DYNOSTICS? is constantly working on additional body analyzing devices to become the world leader in smart body analytics. Boom the ICO Market with your project! Howtotoken: content marketing, investor outreach, and negotiation management for ICO startups.


Token DYNO
Price in preICO 1 DYNO = 0.0000636 ETH
Price in ICO 1 DYNO = 0.0000636 ETH
Country Germany
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas USA, Hong Kong SAR, the Peoples Republic of China, Republic of Singapore.
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