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Dome Platform

Sharing Wi-Fi for reward

Decentralized platform using blockchain technology to create global network by offering people tokens for sharing private Wi-Fi networks. This would let users to get free internet aces almost in every part of the globe.

The idea of implementing the blockchain technology and Ethereum smart-contract into the creation of global Wi-Fi network, in our opinion, is based on a fact that people are not motivated to share their personal Wi-Fi networks. This is explained by the heavy load on the network which slows down the data rates and could result in a higher payment for the internet connection without any compensation. We believe, that all current solutions on the market that provide user with the opportunity to share their network without permission and payment are not fair enough. We offer users a platform that will allow a transparent and secure way to share and control your personal or business network using DME tokens. The Dome Platform offers a sort of token mining by sharing your Wi-Fi network. This would incentivize people to use the Dome Platform to compensate their internet payments and even to earn some money from it. The creation of The Dome Platform will allow users to dismiss high payments plans for the 4G (LTE) data that they could be using and use the internet without any restrictions worldwide. How it works?


Token DME
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 0.1628 USD
Country Ukraine
Restricted areas
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ICO start
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