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DeskBell Chain

Blockchain Platform of the Hotel and Tourism

Blockchain project DeskBell Chain is based on the existing DeskBell service, which enables hotels to get out an important information to the guests and keep communication with them via chat. What is more, it also sells the site to promote their services. For tourists, DeskBell service serves as a guide and compass in the life of the hotel. DeskBell automatically determines the hotel, in which the tourist is located and provides accessible information, making the stay more comfortable and active. DeskBell Service includes several ready-made technological solutions.

Platform DeskBell Chain simply has no analogues. If separately aspects of DeskBell Chain can be found in various projects, for example, targeted marketing; some mechanisms of socialization; or data banks in tourism, our unique solution based on geolocation and mobile capabilities of DeskBell, as a system for exchange of a wide range of services and offers is unique. From banal advertising, to social surveys or content created by users - all this along the chain of tourism in the region and with mutual interest of the parties. Accordingly, the advantage is the flexibility and breadth of platform application for both business and customers.


Token DBT
Price in preICO 1 DBT = 0.001 ETH
Price in ICO 1 DBT = 0.001 ETH
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas Iran, South Korea, USA
preICO start 26/03/2018
preICO end 09/04/2018
ICO start 21/05/2018
ICO end 21/05/2018
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