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Cultural Places

Manage the Financing and Ticketing Process

Cultural Places is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connectsvisitors, institutions, artists, content creators and donors. Cultural Places willdisrupt the cultural sector as it redefines the relations between all stakeholdersand creates new business opportunities. The core is its own crypto currency ? theCultural Coin?? based on blockchain technology. That reinvents and simplifiescultural financing, sponsoring and ticketing.


Token CC
Price in preICO 1 CC = 0,015 EUR
Price in ICO 1 CC = 0,015 EUR
Country Austria
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
preICO start 26/02/2018
preICO end 04/03/2018
ICO start 05/03/2018
ICO end 05/03/2018
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