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Real Time, Real People, Less Phone, More Fun

Crimzon is an innovative social app with the core mission of bringing people closer together physically, not digitally. Crimzon uses real-time GPS data points run against restrictive algorithms to ensure that users can only match if they overlap in time and space. When users enter social venues like cafes, bars, clubs, parks, and so forth, Crimzon users are able to detect matches who are at the same location and meet their preferences. This means a much higher probability of actually meeting the person they match.

Crimzon has a functional prototype ready to be distributed to our beta testers on the iOS platform. We will send invites to all contributors for early access onto the Crimzon app. Crimzon has also filed a patent to protect its intellectual property. Crimzon is a real-time dating app that provides users with visual guidance and matches them based on coincidence detection technology: users must overlap in time and space. Crimzon also uses a blockchain-based model that rewards users with tokens for going out and having social interactions. The blockchain also verifies matches to validate identities and provide a safety measure against aggressive behavior. Crimzon wants to recreate the da1ng pla5orm to reward genuine social interactions using Crimzon Coins and eliminate fake users, inac1ve users, digital harassment and ineffec1ve matching algorithms.


Token CRZ
Price in preICO 1 CRZ = 0.02 USD
Price in ICO 1 CRZ = 0.02 USD
Country USA
Restricted areas
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