ConsultEth – ALT SCOPE


Ethereum Blockchain Based Consultancy

ConsultEth is an Ethereum-based application that aims to disrupt the consulting industry by facilitating the rise of a fully decentralized, real-time consulting marketplace where consultants and clients engage courtesy of novel decentralized technologies.

ConsultEth is an Ethereum-based meteor application that integrates Smart-Contract Technology and WebRTC (p2p video and audio call technology) to enable a decentralized real-time consulting market. Also utilizes MetaMask(Chrome/FirefoxExtension) for account creation, management and signing blockchain-bound transactions.


Token CTX
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 850 - 1000 CTX
Country Kenya
Restricted areas
preICO start
preICO end
ICO start
ICO end
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