Consolo – ALT SCOPE


Social distribution network

A platform designed to connect senders and receivers in a completely new manner: no entry barriers, no shipping option limitations and new participants that were never part of regular logistics process before. CONSOLO presents unique social network based on blockchain that will function regardless of size, type and scope of any individual or a company performing shipping services. It is scalable, flexible and adaptable to any customer request.

TRULY SOCIAL PLATFORM WHERE ANYONE CAN BECOME NETWORK PARTICIPANTApart from great opportunity for conventional participants of logistics industry we make possible to any person in search of additional source of income to become part of CONSOLO platform. Being it a student able to deliver a parcel within city limits, an unemployed car owner or a housewife looking for work at home and able to participate in collective insurance arbitration, all are good examples of how the platform is turning to a part-time or full-time profit opportunity for many.


Token CSL
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 36.6950 USD
Country Russia
Restricted areas
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ICO start
ICO end
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