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The Smart Health Economy

CareParrot is a gamified health care protocol that tokenizes user data and interactions with the apps built within the CareParrot network. Our goal is to create a universal health care ecosystem (mesh network) where Doctors, patients and third-party apps interact on a peer-to-peer level and collaborate more efficiently.

Since the rise in popularity of blockchain technology in 2008 (specifically Bitcoin) many organizations have succeeded in developing other functions to perform multiple, extremely crucial roles in various industries. One of its most important purposes is to serve as a global database for an entire industry in which people can use to store shared common data that all parties can access at any given time, with the right permissions. It can access essentially a global system of records for an entire industry built on top of a foundation that has inherent data integrity based on strongcryptography.


Token CPX
Price in preICO 1 CPX = 0.10 USD
Price in ICO 1 CPX = 0.10 USD
Country USA
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Venezuela, Yemen, Sudan
preICO start
preICO end
ICO start 23/07/2018
ICO end 23/07/2018
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