Blockchain platform for mass urban aviation is a blockchain for mass urban aviation market worth more than $1 trillion and a platform to tokenize aerial vehicles and infrastructure. We are a decentralized business consortium that aims to deploy urban community-driven aviation systems for passengers and city managers in 2020. During our Token Launch we tokenize total available flight of 3000 aerial vehicles. McFly Tokens are already on Waves and later on Etherium platforms. By offering McFly tokens, we are expanding our urban aviation community and its business arm, the Consortium. Underpinned by the blockchain technology we shall jointly deploy McFly-based aerial taxi system in several world's cities in the nearest three years.

A total of 1.8 Bln McFly on Waves and Ethereum platforms. Only 3000 Bartini Flying Cars for the early adopters. $1.2tn market for urban flights on electrical VTOLs. Automated charging, maintenance and parking. McFly token is flight itself. Flying cars fly on tokens, like ordinary cars burn gasoline. Open algorithms calculate price of the flight, life cycle and service charges of the vehicle.? McFly token forms a new OSS/BSS (operation support and business support) systems.


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