Unlocking the legal crypto currency payments

We develop BeeQB - a universal platform for managing the business of trade in goods and services, based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. Our service will allow companies around the world, with minimal costs and expenses, to legally accept the crypto currency for payment for their goods and services. And all this in one click. The technology of blockchain will ensure 100% safety and will become a universal link in the trade between companies from around the world. The main currency of a free market economy will be a BEE.

BEEQB is an All-in-One business ecosystem combining the innovative BEE crypto currency (developed for B2C and B2B market transactions), a business management module (including a payment terminal, a powerful CRM system, accounting software, marketing unit, HR, etc. ) and the platform of inter-corporate interaction. The main objective of the BEEQB ecosystem is to create an infrastructure for the legal acceptance of crypto-currency payments in the retail and service businesses around the world. BEEQB in conjunction with the BEE and the SnappyConfirm protocol is designed to become a bridge between the world of real business and the crypto market. How BEEQB works? Using mutlithread-blockchain technology and smart contracts, BEEQB automates and controls all transactions in the company. Whether it is hiring an employee or paying for a supplier, selling goods in a store or paying salaries to staff, everything is calculated on the basis of a signed smart contract between the two entities. Example #1: When buying a TV in the store, the system creates a smart contract that specifies the conditions for the sale and return of goods, warranty and post-warranty obligations, the exact amount, the date of sale, the serial number of the object and even the name of the seller who sold the goods. Blockchain of this transaction is valid until the smart contract of the transaction is completed and only the participants in the transaction can view it - the seller and the buyer. Example #2: The employee is also hired and fired on the basis of a smart contract signed by two parties. Such a smart contract contains the functions and responsibilities of the parties, the KPI, the conditions and amount of wages, and the date of payment. Upon reaching the pay date, BEEQB calculates it and makes a payment to BEE or Bitcoin. The SnappyConfirm protocol significantly speeds up the confirmation of payment in the Bitcoin network up to 40 seconds with any mining fee, which turns it into a full-fledged settlement tool and opens a payment? instrument for real business with a capitalisation of more than $ 100 billion. BEE - new generation crypto currency BEE is an independent crypto currency for business. Possessing an amazing transaction speed (up to 1.84 seconds), BEE will become a quality replacement for Bitcoin for settlements in the consumer and inter-corporate markets. Developing BEE, we intend to fill the gap between peer-to-peer crypto-currencies and payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard. BEE has a reverse peer-to-peer "transport" deal. This means that the seller "orders" the amount of payment. This makes it possible to abandon the instrument of recounting Fiat into the crypt and to ensure 100% fulfilment of payment obligations by the client. The low cost of the transaction, just 0.1%, will ensure rapid penetration of BEE into the market, and the high-quality and affordable infrastructure solution of BEEQB will ensure a rapid growth in the number of BEE merchant outlets for payment. Intended use of ICO funding Use of operational revenue


Token BEE
Price in preICO
Price in ICO 1.0000 USD
Country Russia
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