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Making History In The Global Art Market

All Public Art (APA) provides a unique platform that contributes to the growth and sustainability of the global art community by supporting the art market, igniting artist-to-collector trading, and storing the provenance of art on the blockchain. With the AllPublicArt token and the creation of our API, we are deploying a new, convenient and effective way to trade art and track the history of artworks. All Public Art's implementation of blockchain technology will minimize counterfeit art, build trust within the art market, improve art trade services and increase economic and social benefits in the global art community.Thanks to blockchain technology, transparency is increased ensuring a more convenient and legitimate marketplace for trading art.

All Public Art aims to create a thriving community of people who purchase?and sell art with the advantages of blockchain technology. Fundamental Features of All Public Art Simple Communication: With the aid of blockchain technology, smart contracts are autonomously?proposed and communicated. The seller/buyer can entrust the conclusion of?the deal to the technology, instead of a third party.? Transparency:?While the identities of the artist and collector remain private, all other details?of the transaction are made public and cannot be manipulated by any person?or organization. Security:?The system will only allow the unique IDs of the artist and collector to be?traced, while their personal information remains anonymous. This aids in the?security of the transaction and allows other potential collectors to view the?history of the artwork. Empowering Art Enthusiasts:?By giving power back to the artists, their dependency on intermediaries is?removed. This will enable each party to conduct their own fair transactions. A Supportive Community:?With AllPublicArt tokens, art enthusiast will be able to gift tokens to their?favorite artists as a show of support. The tokens can then be traded by artists?for art materials or supplies on All Public Art. All Public Art is Dedicated to 6 Goals:


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