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First Islamic?Crypto?Exchange

ADAB?Solutions?is developing?the FICE ??First Islamic?Crypto?Exchange, based on the norms of Shariah.As a result, the implementation of the ADAB?Solutions?project?will create a global infrastructure, that operates on the principles of Islamic finance, and the community that regulates the development of Islamic?crypto-economics.ADAB?Solutions?will solve the problem of?halal?cryptocurrency?transactions, providing access to the?cryptocurrency?market for the?Muslim?Ummah?, which accounts for 22% of the world's population and manages Islamic financial assets with a projected volume of 3.8 trillion?USD.

In order to ADAB?Solutions?as a?crypto currency?project?to be Halal, it is planned to implement the following measures: The development of the project will be based on the entrepreneurial efforts of the organizers and their work.?According to the norms of Islamic ethics, it is?right that?the source of wealth is own labor inputs and the entrepreneurial efforts. First?Islamic?Crypto?Exchange will?completely exclude the possibility of speculative transactions, margin trading and operations that do not correspond to Shariah.?This will exclude the?Gharar?and?Maisir?and?Riba?from the work of the Exchange. FICE platform able to handle?3?million?requests per second, making FICE the one of the fastest?crypto exchanges.?Users of FICE will be guaranteed that their applications will never be?suspended?due to congestion of the platform. ADAB?Solutions is?founded to create a platform for?halal?projects, to work in a full compliance with the norms of Islam and Islamic finance.?Our task is to help Muslims and the community of?crypto-investors?to understand what in the market the?cryptocurrencies is?compliant with the Shariah rules and what does not. ADAB?Solutions?proceeds from the fact that this project will generally benefit the market, since halal?projects in their essence have utility and value, and their definition will contribute to the development of useful ideas and a decrease in the number of projects in the market, which are haram in its essence. ICO- Club, Listing, Discounts


Token ADAB
Price in preICO 1 ADAB = 0.1 USD
Price in ICO 1 ADAB = 0.1 USD
Country United Arab Emirates
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
preICO start 18/10/2018
preICO end 08/11/2018
ICO start 18/11/2018
ICO end 28/12/2018
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